Those Shoes


Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts
2008 Charolette Zolotow Award Honor Book

Such a cute book. This book was about a young boy idolizing a pair of shoes and once he gets them realizes someone needed them more than him so he gave them away. The illustrations were good. The book could’ve been wordless and I would’ve completely understood the story. When the grandma says, “there’s no room for “want” around here-just ‘need'”, it reminded me of my childhood. So often I would want things but with 7 other siblings that sometimes wasn’t always an option. Therefore, I completely sympathized with him. His grandma made a way and he got the shoes even though they were too small and Jeremy had a revelation. Her realized as much as he wanted these shoes he didn’t need them; his friend Nate did though. Good book! Easy for beginner readers to follow along with assistance.


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