First the Egg


First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro
2008 Theodor Geisel Honor Book

Simple concept book. It gives examples of how one thing turns into the other. For instance, the title first the egg leads to the chicken. Good book for 2 year old and helping them learn. I would recommend this book.


Additional Concept Book


The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle

This is a classic and one of my favorite titles. The lady bugs goes around trying to fight everyone and soon meets his match. Once he does he then is nice. I like the illustrations. I would recommend this book for any young reader.


Focusing on Self-Esteem


Jack’s Talent by Maryann Cocca Leffler

This book is about a student now recognizing that we all have some type of talent. He felt left out because everyone had something but he didn’t. He was able to remember everyone’s name and their talent so memory became his. Simple way of teaching young children that we all have something that is special about us, as well as, we are all different.


Characters’ Emotional Response


One Special Day: A Story for Big Brothers and Sisters by Lola Schaefer

Loved this book! I wish I had’ve read it to my son before having my daughter. It explained the roles changing amazingly. The front covers’ illustrations are what drew me in! I already purchased it. The story is about all the things a boy does and then one day his sister arrives and things change but not in a bad way!! Definitely a recommended title!




The Goodluck Cat by Joy Harjo

The story of how cats have nine lives and how lucky she was to her family. When they couldn’t find her I was sad because I’ve experienced a dog running away. Good story and amazing illustrations.




Pecan Pie Baby by Jacqueline Woodson

Pecan Pie Baby is definitely a must read especially if one of your students will be getting a new sibling. I really liked how she voiced her opinion in a realistic way! The pictures were also nice, but I did notice there wasn’t a dad present. The author talked about all women figures and no men. That was a very interesting detail for me!!


Pierre in Love


Pierre in Love by Sara Pennypacker
2008 Charlotte Zolotow Highly Recommended Title

This book was cute. The way he describes himself in love is cute. I do feel it would be hard for young students to understand especially because they don’t understand love. I did enjoy this book, the illustrations could have been a little more vibrant! Because when I think of love I think of bright, lively colors.